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Rough and tumble

     SANTA ROSA--A Santa Rosa High School Lady Lion and Fort Sumner player hit the court hard to battle for a loose ball in varsity action. The Lady Lions defeated the Vixens by a score of 50-21.

Lions Win Third Straight Game

Lady Lions Spank Vixens

By Daniel D. (Chiefy) Griego


     SANTA ROSA--After dropping back-to-back basketball games to the Texico Wolverines and to the Clayton Yellowjackets, the Santa Rosa Lions of head coach Frank Ortiz have now reeled off three straight wins against Tucumcari, Logan and Fort Sumner. With the three wins, the Lions improved their record to 16-4 overall and 3-2 in district play.



     At home on Saturday of last week, the Lions had all kinds of trouble trying to put the visiting Fort Sumner Foxes away in the first half of action, before pulling away in the second half to a 67-33 win, behind the shooting of Lemi Hing and Marcus Ortiz.

With Nathan Flores being held scoreless through out the fame and Marcus Ortiz scoring only three points in the first half, Lemi Hing took over on offense, scoring 12 of his 18 points to lead the Lions to a 27-18 halftime lead.

     With the Foxes holding on to a one-point 8-7 lead with less than two minutes to play in the quarter, Lemi Hing connected on two quick baskets to give the Lions an 11-8 lead.

     In the second quarter, the Lions started to play their kind of ball (scoring) and outscored the Foxes 16-10 for a little more breathing room and a 27-18 halftime lead.

     Marcus Ortiz, in the second half, was back to shooting form, connecting on six three-pointers to finish the night with 23 points. Lemi Hing, the first half hero, finished with 18 points.

     In the second half, the Lions held the Foxes to only 15 points, while ripping the nets themselves for 40 points, for the final 67-33 win.

     For Fort Sumner, Jaben Richards scored eight points and Lance Fikany added seven in a losing cause.



    At Tucumcari on Tuesday of last week, the Tucumcari Rattlers couldnt hang around long enough to match up in a basketball game against the mighty Lions and lost 78-26. In their last meeting, the Rattlers fell to the Lions by 60 points, 108-48.

In this game, the Lions had no trouble with the Rattler, shooting their way to a comfortable 35-16 halftime lead.

The second half of play didnt get any better for the Rattlers as they were outscored 43-10 by the Lions for the final 78-26 Santa Rosa win.

     Scoring in double figures and leading Santa Rosa to victory were the shooting hands of Marcus Ortiz, 16 points; Lemi Hing, 14; Eric Sandoval, 13; Jonathan Marcus, 11; and Nathan Flores, ten.



    In a game that a lot of people though was going to be a close one, the Santa Rosa Lions defeated a talented Logan Longhorn team by a score of 94-54 at home on Friday of last week.

With Eric Sandoval, Marcus Ortiz, Lemi Hing, Nathan Flores and Miguel Sanchez finding their shooting range, the Lions took a big 43-21 halftime lead and then coasted to the easy 94-54 win in the second half.

     Again Marcus Ortiz and Lemi Hing led the Lions in scoring with 19 and 18 points respectively. For the Longhorns in a losing cause, Mark Pearson scored 19 points.

     In junior varsity action last week, the Lions of coach Richie Perea recorded two wins, against Fort Sumner and Logan.

     Against Logan, the Little Lions won in a close game by a score of 61-54, behind the shooting of Joaquin Gonzales, Jesse Chavez and Joey Urban, who scored 18, 14 and 12 points apiece.

      On Saturday of last week at home, the Little Lions had another close game, this time against the Fort Sumner Foxes by a score of 57-53. The Lions won this game after rallying from a 28-26 halftime deficit. Ulyses Soliz scored 23 points and freshman Joaquin Gonzales had 22 to pace the Lions.

     Michael Lucero was the top scorer for the Foxes with 22.



     In girls varsity basketball action last Saturday at home, the Lady Lions scored an easy 50-21 win over the visiting Fort Sumner Vixens.

     The Lady Lions, behind the scoring of Lenore Oviedo, Kendra Chavez, Yvonne Gallegos and Valerie Lucero, put this game away early in the first half taking a 28-8 halftime lead.

     The second half also belonged to the Lady Lions of coach Joseph Esquibel, as they outscored the Vixens 22-13 for the final 50-21 Santa Rosa win. Kendra Chavez led the Lady Lions in scoring with 14 points followed by Lenore Oviedo with ten.

     The Lady Lions junior varsity let a 20-16 halftime lead slip past them in the second half, as they Vixens rallied for a come-from-behind 42-36 win.

     Julie Wood and Laurel Herrera led the Vixens with 12 and 11 points apiece. For Santa Rosa, Savannah Bonney scored eight points.

     The next basketball action for the Santa Rosa Lions and Lady lions will be Saturday, when they host Clayton beginning at 4:00 p.m.



Fort Sumner B  11     5   16   10  -  42

Santa Rosa B   10   10     6   10  -  36

SANTA ROSA: Samantha Fountain, 3; Charissa Whinery, 6; Domenique Roybal, 3; Loretta Sanchez, 5; Allison Bachicha, 2; Jessica Gutierrez, 4; Savannah Bonney, 8; Reena Tenorio, 2.

FORT SUMNER: Keri Grammill, 5; Laurel Herrera, 11; Lindsay Mansell, 4; Julie Wood, 12; Kaylynn Johnson, 2; Alycin Propps, 2; Amanda Dean, 7.


Fort Sumner A   6     2     5     8  -  21

Santa Rosa A  22     6     4   18  -  50

SANTA ROSA: Kendra Chavez, 14; Kristin Esquibel, 4; Valerie Lucero, 4; Pamela Roybal, 6; Yvonne Gallegos, 8; Lenore Oviedo, 10; Savannah Bonney, 1; Loretta Sanchez, 3.

FORT SUMNER: Jaymelynn Johnson, 2; Megan McCollum, 2; Shannon Wilson, 2; Tobea Patterson, 7; Sonja Moyer, 5; Laurel Herrera, 3.



Logan B           15   11   12   16  -  54

Santa Rosa B  14   13   15   19  -  61

SANTA ROSA: Jesse Chavez, 14; Michael Salazar, 2; Joaquin Gonzales, 18; Tomas Gonzales, 8; Joey Urban, 12; Ulyses Soliz, 7.

LOGAN: S. Oglesby, 4; J. Franco, 10; J. Abercrombie, 3; D. Perez, 8; D. Dowell, 2; J. Maestas, 9; D. Estrada, 5; M. Graham, 2; R. Shivers, 11.

Fort Sumner B  12   16   14   11  -  53

Santa Rosa B   12   14   12   19  -  57

SANTA ROSA: Jesse Chavez, 4; Michael Salazar, 2; Curtis Johnson, 2; Joaquin Gonzales, 22; Kris Brito, 2; Chris Lucero, 2.

FORT SUMNER: Byron Wilson, 2; Ross Cortese, 4; Derek Dimitroff, 10; Stephn Gallegos, 11; Tim Segura, 4; Michael Lucero, 22.

Tucumcari A      9     7     3     7  -  26

Santa Rosa A  15   20   15   28  -  78

SANTA ROSA: Eric Sandoval, 13; Jonathan Marquez, 11; Marcus Ortiz, 16; Lemi Hing, 14; Nathan Flores, 10; Sergio Abila, 4; Tomas Gonzales, 4; David Lueras, 1; Miguel Sanchez, 5.

TUCUMCARI: Nick Wiegel, 1; Jonathan Reno, 3; Chris McCasland, 4; Ray Johnson, 6; Richard Anaya, 8; Walter Ashekraft, 2; Joe Sisneros, 2.

Logan A           15     6   14   19  -  54

Santa Rosa A  24   19   25   26  -  94

SANTA ROSA: Eric Sandoval, 7; Jonathan Marquez, 10; Joaquin Gonzales, 4; Marcus Ortiz, 19; Lemi Hing, 18; Nathan Flores, 2; Ricardo Sena, 5; Sergio Abila, 4; Ulyses Soliz, 6; Tomas Gonzales, 4; David Lueras, 11; Miguel Salazar, 11.

LOGAN: Kirk Burns, 4; Mark Pearson, 19; Josh Franco, 1; Casey Whetten, 9; Richard Abercrombie, 4; Marshall Graham, 9; Cole Wallin, 8.

Fort Sumner A    8   10     8     7  -  33

Santa Rosa A   11   16   19   21  -  67

SANTA ROSA: Eric Sandoval, 2; Jonathan Marquez, 4; Marcus Ortiz, 23; Lemi Hing, 18; Ricardo Sena, 2; Sergio Abila, 1; Tomas Gonzales, 4; Ulyses Soliz, 4; David Lueras, 1; Miguel Sanchez, 6.

FORT SUMNER: Ryan Fikany, 5; Ross Cortese, 4; Derek Dimitroff, 2; Jameson West, 4; James Byrd, 2; Lance Fikany, 6; Jaben Rich


Sister Act
     SANTA ROSA--Santa Rosa High School Lady Lions sisters Kate Bachicha (10) and Allison Bachicha presented roses and balloons to their parents Elliott and Judy Bachicha during Parents Night last Saturday. Mother Judy is blocked from picture by Kate and Allison.